Yellow Lentil Soup

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Yellow Lentil Soup

1 glass yellow lentils, washed and depleted 

1 onion, slashed 

2 cloves of garlic, minced 

3 Tbsp margarine or canola oil 

1 Tbsp flour 

2 glasses chicken juices 

2-3 glasses boiling point water 

½ lemon juice 

½ tsp cumin (discretionary) 

1 tsp salt to taste 

For top: 

2 Tbsp spread 

1 Tbsp paprika 

Saute the hacked onions in spread/canola oil for 3 minutes or so over medium warmth. At that point, mix in the garlic and flour. Saute until the flour begins giving a charming odor (around 2-3 minutes). Include the washed and depleted yellow lentils and keep sautéing for around 3-4 minutes. At long last, blend in the chicken stock and ensure the flour breaks down in the fluid well. At that point, include the boiling hot water and salt to taste. 

Cook over low warmth until the yellow lentils are cooked, for around 20-30 minutes. At that point, ideally with a drenching blender, mix the soup until it gets smooth. Change the thickness with extra boiling point water. Blend in the lemon juice and cumin (discretionary). Cook for an additional 5 minutes. 

On the off chance that coveted, set up the enhancement by warming up the margarine and paprika until it gets bubbly. Pour the sizzling margarine paprika embellish over the soup before serving. 

Serve the yellow lentil soup hot with lemon wedges and bread.

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