Green Pea Stew with Beef

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Green Pea Stew with Beef

Green pea stew is a standout amongst the most widely recognized stews in Turkish cooking. It was normally made in the mid year months when the peas are in season and delightfully new. In any case, with coolers getting to be distinctly staple family units individuals begin to case them and stop for the winter months. What's more, no, canned peas are truly not a thing in Turkey. The green pea stew is made in three diverse routes: veggie lover, with ground meat (it's misuse of peas on the off chance that you ask me), and with stew hamburger. When it is made in the late spring, the stew is typically joined by cacık, yogurt blended with minced garlic, ground cucumbers, new dill, a touch of olive oil and water, a sauce like tzatziki). Be that as it may, it's great with out and out yogurt also. 

1/2 lb stew hamburger 

1 lb crisp podded green peas (you can utilize solidified peas too) 

2 carrots, diced or divided around 1/3 or 1/4 inch thick 

1 major or two medium potatoes, peeled and diced 

1 medium onion, diced (I adore red onions in stews, however any sort is fine) 

3-4 garlic cloves, peeled and cut 

3 tomatoes, ground or diced (new tomatoes or extraordinary yet 1 can diced tomato would do also) 

1 tbsp tomato glue and 1 tbsp pepper glue (accessible at Middle Eastern stores-on the off chance that you can't think that its twofold the measure of tomato glue) 

1/2 group crisp dill, finely slashed 

3-4 tbsp olive oil 

salt and pepper 

- Heat olive oil in a cast press pot or a substantial base pot on medium warmth. Include stew hamburger and cook until it discharges and retains its juice-roughly 15-20 mins. 

- Add onions and garlic and cook 5 minutes. 

- Add carrots and tomato&pepper glues and mix for an additional five minutes. 

- Add tomatoes (or canned tomatoes in case you're utilizing them) and heat to the point of boiling. 

- Add potatoes, peas (see the note underneath), 1/3 of the crisp fill and boiling point water sufficiently only to cover them all. 

- Salt and pepper to your taste. 

- Once it bubbles, cover and stew on low for 60 minutes. 

- Sprinkle the staying new dill on top and present with white or chestnut rice or a dry wholesome bread. 

Note: I cherish utilizing new peas. I get them in pod from a neighborhood market and pod them or get them crisp and podded (I like Trader Joe's Fresh English peas!) But you can utilize solidified peas too. Provided that this is true, add them to the stew thirty minutes before you turn it off.

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