Chicken Soup with Vermicelli

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Chicken Soup with Vermicelli

1 entire chicken leg or ½ lb chicken bosom 

1/2 glass vermicelli 

1 medium carrot, ground 

3 gloves of garlic, cut 

1 tbsp salt 

½ tsp dark pepper 


1 egg, beaten 

2 tbsp lemon juice 

Put the chicken in a pot and include 6 some water. Include 1 tsp salt and bubble until the chicken is cooked. At that point, cool the chicken and cut into little nibble sizes. 

Include carrot, garlic, 1 tsp salt to the chicken stock you got before and cook over medium warmth. When it bubbles, include vermicelli and chicken pieces. Stew for 8-10 minutes. Give it a chance to cool for some time. Blend the beaten egg and lemon squeeze in a bowl and gradually mix into the Chicken Soup with Vermicelli. At long last sprinkle dark pepper on top and serve warm.

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