Turkish Tea Recipes Good Tea bBHow To Tea

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Turkish Tea Recipes Good Tea bBHow To Tea

1 tbsp Turkish Tea clears out 

3 glasses filtered water 

1 glass filtered water (to wash the tea clears out) 

A squeeze of sugar 

Settling Turkish Tea With Caydanlik 

Caydanlik (see picture) comprises of two pots. The little one is the brewer (demlik), to put the tea in and the bigger is to heat up the water. 

In front of the pack the Turkish Tea leaves into the brewer and to get an unmistakable, brilliant and solid tea, wash them with sanitized water and afterward deplete. Generally the quick contact of the tea leaves with bubbled water would bring about the lost of the Vitamin C and influence the minerals in it. Additionally bubbled water harms the tannin (tanen) material and it causes anaemia(kansizlik). Add a squeeze of sugar to change the strongness of the tea. 

Put the some water in the bigger pot and put the brewer on top of it. At that point put the caydanlik over medium warmth and let the water bubble. Pour the half of the bubbled water into the brewer over the washed tea clears out. You can include some more water in the base pot and bubble it (if the water appears insufficient). Give the tea a chance to mix for around 5-8 minutes over low warmth. 

Utilizing a tea strainer, pour the tea to the tea glasses. Fill 1/3 of the glasses with tea and the rest with bubbled water. You can alter the mix sum as you like. You can utilize a couple drops of lemon juice, for a lighter taste. Additionally you can add some sugar to taste. 

To acquire sweet-smelling taste you can add 1 tsp of bergamot to the brewer and 2-3 cloves to the water. 

Settling Turkish Tea With Coffee Machine 

On the off chance that you don't have caydanlik, you can attempt the espresso machine to make Turkish Tea. It won't be as heavenly as the tea made with caydanlik, yet it is an alternative. Simply put the Turkish Tea Leaves where you ordinarily put the espresso and utilize some water. What's more, begin the machine. In the interim heat up some water to conform the gentility of the tea. When it is done you can change the tea with including some bubbled water. Pour the tea to the tea glasses or containers 


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