Savory Leek Cake

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Savory Leek Cake

This formula is ideal for cloudy winter-ish (We're in Palo Alto, overcast sky is at least somewhat winter!) evenings. In Turkey, evenings like this would be fragmented without a blending tea kettle on the stove. Furthermore, tea, obviously, requires a partner. My most loved tea sidekicks are not the sweet ones like treats and sweet cakes, however exquisite ones, for example, boreks, poğaças, or flavorful cakes (I'm imagining about a radical new classification for the blog on appetizing cakes). This formula is an adaptable one as far as fixings. You can supplant mozzarella with white cheddar or feta, or cheddar; you canskip the cornmeal and do all flour; you can include herbs; and so forth. You get the thought. In Turkey this cake is generally veggie lover or once in a while made with hamburger franks, yet I adore making this flavorful cake with Middle Eastern pastrami or pastırma. I think leeks and ME pastrami are an impeccable couple. However, you can avoid that totally or utilize fresh bacon bits, smoked ham, or whatever sort of meat you like. 

(You can luckily discover Middle Eastern pastrami made in America, ideal here in California from Ohanyan's - If you're taking after this blog for some time you realize that I don't do item support, by any stretch of the imagination!) 

2 leeks, washed well and slashed as daintily as could be allowed 

2 tbsp spread or olive oil (this we will use to cook the leeks) 

1/3 container olive oil or sunflower and so forth (this one is for the cake hitter) 

1 container corn feast or flour, they both work 

1 container flour 

1 container plain yogurt 

1 container ground mozzarella cheddar (you can utilize an alternate kind too) 

3 eggs 

2 1/2 tsp heating powder 

1 tsp aleppo pepper drops or any hot pepper pieces (this is discretionary, however leeks cherish flavor) 

1 tsp or more salt 

1/2 tsp dark pepper 

1/4 glass pastrami, slashed in however way/estimate you favor 

- Preheat the broiler to 375F. 

- Heat margarine in a griddle and include the leeks and cook ~10 minutes on medium. Leeks will first sweat, then shrink, and they will at long last surrender. On the off chance that you like cooked veggie taste, you can chestnut them also however I observe the taste to overpower for heating. Take them off the stove and let cool aside. 

- Beat eggs well with olive oil and yogurt. Include cheddar and pastrami then blend. 

- In a different bowl, blend flour, corn supper/flour, preparing powder, salt, dark pepper, red pepper pieces. 

- Add the eggy blend to the dry one, and blend well. 

- Pour the hitter in a broiler dish (I utilized a 10 inch round preparing skillet) 

- Bake for 30-35 minutes or until a blade embedded in the middle confesses all. 

Put aside to cool for 5 minutes then appreciate with tea or a super cold pilsner!

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